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The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work

Confidence is important for women, especially ambitious, talented, and professional millennial women. The best wardrobe essentials for work can make or break how we show up professionally. 

If anything, everyone needs a bit of confidence to get through their day. It gives us that extra spring in our step on a Monday morning. Starting when we get out of bed, head to the bathroom and the kitchen, back to the wardrobe, and then out the door. On the days when work can be hard, sometimes we need more confidence than usual.

So, how do you get this extra boost of confidence? By having the best wardrobe essentials for work you can find, of course.

As you might be aware, if there is anything that raises the confidence levels of a woman, it is her appearance.

This article will help you work toward being, and feeling your best by creating a wardrobe you can dominate the workplace in.

The items on this list are timeless, multipurpose, and absolute must-haves in any millennial woman’s closet. So, sit back, relax, and let me take you down a not-so-long list of amazing wardrobe-essentials.

Here are some wardrobe essentials that will help arm your workwear arsenal.

Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work #1:

Grab a Timeless, Chic, Classic Trench Coat.

It is not every day you get to own a piece of clothing that looks good on you. When you do, you will surely treasure them. The first clothing on this list is the classic trench coat, and it is undoubtedly a closet staple that transitions well season-to-season.

A high quality trench coat says “timeless and elegance” when worn.

It is a piece of clothing you can consistently wear anywhere, any day of the week. You can wear it to the office during the day and show it off at the Lakers game by the weekend. Trust me; you’ll feel absolutely incredible in one. 

It is also seasonless, a factor not many clothing can claim to have. Whether it’s a fall or a wet spring day, a trench coat the piece to have. They can last for years and making you feel sophisticated and refined no matter where you are — especially in the office.

The even better news is, styling your trench coat does not require a lot. You can pair this piece with jeans on the, a beautiful cashmere sweater,  with loafers for the day, then transition your look into evening with heels. Be creative and wear it with a graphic tee or a clean white tank.

What you get is a simple and modernist look with a little bit of minimalism.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #2

Add a Blazer to Elevate Any Outfit

Let’s be honest, you should already own a blazer. If you do, good on you. Add one more…

If you don’t, no worries — Modern Monclaire has you covered. 

Blazers have now become one of the most sought-after and, at the same time, trendiest pieces of clothing a 21st-century woman can own. It’s literally one of the best wardrobe essentials for work, hands down. 

A blazer elevates any professional aesthetic anytime it is worn. Pair it with a simple tee and pair of trousers or a simple dress, you will never miss. Like trench coats, they aren’t season-specific in terms of fashion, but you can tailor it to any season by. being mindful of the material. Wear a lighter material in the warmer months instead of heavier materials which are better for colder seasons. 

This is precisely what makes this piece one of best wardrobe essentials for work.


Here are two things to remember when styling blazers:

  •  Ensure all your blazers are well-fitted and tailored to you. Wearing bigger ones reduces the look. If you prefer wearing oversized blazers, choose one with a longer bodice than one with longer sleeves which can make your appearance look sloppy and less put together. This will help your appearance stay on trend.
  • Keep an extra blazer at work in case you have a wardrobe malfunction. Choose black so that it can go with any color, maintain your professionalism, and stay fresh.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #3

Carrying a Tote Bag

I’m a huge fan of large tote bags. Although they can be heavy, I make the sacrifice to make sure I have space to carry my work and personal essentials. Consider adding an elevated tote bag as part of your wardrobe essentials. This will allow you to carry everything you need throughout the day — trust me, every female has this need. 

This bag must be larger than a handbag; it must be big enough to carry your daily items, think: laptop, mouse, chargers, water bottle, beauty needs, snacks, more snacks, and extra pockets to keep receipts. Equally important, it should also be durable enough for all weather kinds.

Lastly, it needs to serve the purpose of a bag. It should be trendy enough to stay comfortably on your shoulder while not getting losing shape. A leather tote bag is always an eye-catcher and taken care of, it will last years as one of your most critical and best wardrobe essentials for work. 

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #4

The Classic Cardigan

Picture yourself sitting at your desk, sipping on a hot cup of coffee. That image is only complete with a cardigan. Of course, you should have one.

Every millennial woman should have one. 

This is one of those key pieces where I suggest investing in a high-quality, durable, cardigan that will transition well and can keep up with your daily activities.

A good cardigan can be very comforting. Worn and styled like a blazer, it can make a completely casual outfit into professional, refined look. 

One cardigan tip: Grab multiple colors, but get a black one to start. Black cardigans will obviously go well with other clothing without competing — most of the time. Conversely, you can balance black this with a completely neutral office outfit or tone down a busier outfit.

However, and most importantly, you can bring out your inner creativity and go with whatever makes you look good and feel confident.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #5

Wearing a Button Down Shirt

A button-down shirt is another must-have for every professional woman out there.


Because it is so simple and elegant at the same time. You can wear it with a pencil skirt to go completely professional, or pair it with jeans or office trousers and maybe a blazer for a more casual look in the office.

Trust me; you need this item in your closet.

Get a button-down shirt that suits you well — one that isn’t too sheer, tight or loose-fitting. In fact, if there’s a time to get your sizing right, it’s while wearing a button down. 

The options for casual button-down shirts are quite vast. You can find different options with different shirt details and patterns. Each shirt will be unique in its own way. Personally, I have one with a small paw print on one, a unique collar on another, and a mid-arm sleeve shirt.

All of these characteristics add a bit of flair to my workwear and it will definitely do the same to yours.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #6

Silk blouses

Yes, I said it—a silk blouse. There’s literally nothing more timeless than a sleek silk blouse.

Silk is a fantastic breathable fabric that can change the quality of any outfit you wear. Whether it’s a red or white silk blouse or a patterned silk scarf, people tend to notice and see you in a different light.

Being a lightweight and “soft” material, this is what makes it perfect for layering. You can move between locations without being seemingly affected by the temperature of the room or the weather of the place. Another plus is it does not cling, wrinkle, or crease easily (note that I said it doesn’t happen easily, but it can). 

Add this to your closet for an instant addition of sophistication.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #7

High-quality pants

One more addition?

Pants. I know, feels obvious, but not just any pair of pants. I mean, pants that are expertly-tailored, made in a gorgeous, high-quality material. 

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I promise, it is life-changing.

These spell out the word “versatility” without needing to pronounce the word. You can wear this workplace wardrobe essential with a button-down or a T-shirt (go for less tight, looser) for a trendy look or a more expressive appearance.

You can go for looser pants that close up at the ankle (or expands whichever style you are comfortable with). This leaves you more relaxed, casual, and far more comfortable.

Regardless of how you choose to wear your pants, don’t compromise or skimp out on quality, especially when adding this as one of the best wardrobe essentials for work.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #8

Looking effortlessly sleek and chic in a pencil skirt

It’s required that this list include a pencil skirt, it deserves a special place in your wardrobe.

A knee length is best for this skirt type simply because it hugs the thighs and hips to accentuate your gorgeous shape. Apart from being attractive, it also gives off a sexy and powerful stance. Finish it up with some heels or pumps that correspond and a stunning, clean white (or whatever color you choose) button-down shirt, and you are well poised to take on the day.

One thing to note about pencil skirts is that their most significant positive is their greatest weakness. It can be hard to be mobile when needed. Ask anyone who has worn one. The slim fit can hinder movement so be mindful of when you’re wearing it and the environment you’re going to be in. Adding a slit at the back between the legs helps a lot which they normally come with. Ensure the slit is appropriate for a workplace, and you will find that you can walk easier down your office corridors and into your car.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #9

Slipping on some heel.

A beautiful heel is one of my weaknesses. I tend to prefer a heel of around 4-inches, but I know not everyone can maneuver in that heel high so find a height that works for you and do your thing.

Alternatively, for the women who really loves comfort, and it’s all but a non-negotiable,  wear pumps (heels 3-inches or less). Wearing pumps offers a comfortable step and gives off the power and beauty you can get from a stiletto—just with less risk. 

As with many other workwear essentials, black is a good color for pumps. A better option is complexion-specific nude pumps, as they induce an equal level of professionalism and casualness at the same time. Bonus points because any color heel you choose will be perfect when heading into your next performance review conversation with your manager. 

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #10

If heels aren’t your thing, go with a traditional loafer

There are days when you do not feel like you can handle the stress that heels offer.

What should you then wear?


Sandals and ballet flats are not always office-friendly footwear, so loafers and some oxfords are an excellent choice. This shoe blurs the lines between professionalism and comfort.

Loafers and oxfords with brown and black soles are much preferred. Avoid white sole loafers, as they might give off a too-casual vibe and be challenging to maintain. These footwear options are a great way to merge both traditional and workplace style.

The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Work: #10.5

Extra: The accent piece

Almost everything – if not everything – on this list is primed for a neutral look, transitional look. Here is something to infuse your style with, the accent piece.

The accent piece is the wardrobe that makes a statement when worn.

For example, say you’re wearing a white button-down with a brown pencil skirt and a classic black blazer. You can go bold by putting on a pair of heels with color. The shoes become the accent piece.

An accent piece helps you exhibit your confidence and style. 


We hope we have been able to give you some inspiration and ideas for your wardrobe essentials for work. Remember, having the right wardrobe essentials it just the beginning, so have fun while finding the best wardrobe essentials for work.

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