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3 Hacks to Amplify Your Morning Routine to Increase Productivity

3 Hacks to Amplify Your Morning Routine to Increase Productivity


Want to know the three easy hacks to amplify and level up your morning routine to have a killer productive day?

These are the best ways to start your day off right. 

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If you’re anything like me, getting up in the morning is a total drag. We are used to setting our alarm and immediately hitting the snooze button for what feels like an hour until we finally start waking up.

That’s no way to start your morning.

A great morning routine will kickstart your productivity and make the rest of the day easier to manage. As a full-time corporate working mom (to human and fur babies), a fiancée planning a wedding, and newbie content creator, I try to squeeze as much time out of the day as possible, starting with a good morning routine.

In this post, I’ll share three simple hacks to creating a routine that makes waking up a little easier and less painful — completely transforming your day. 

We all have a morning routine whether we choose to think of it like that or not. The idea behind a morning routine is that it will set you up to be productive for the rest of the day. These habits can be wide and varied ranging from an intense morning workout (bless you) all the way to habitually hitting the snooze button until you are officially late.

In either case, we are all about simplicity and adding helpful things that would amplify your mornings.

Importance of Mornings

Other than it being a specific time of day, (and downright annoying some people) it actually does serve other purposes.

It sets the tone for rest of the day.

Ever notice if you have a terrible morning, you can’t seem to get back on track? That’s because we internalize those initial moments keeping them with us the rest of the day. Whatever your mood is in the morning, it tends to remain the same throughout the rest of the day. Therefore, if you’re starting off on the wrong foot, it’ll be really hard to gain the lost momentum later on.

Luckily for you, not all hope is lost.

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Working to better understand where there are inefficiencies in your morning habits is the first step to turning this whole thing around. For instance, waking up early, but arriving to work late, could indicate a lack of pre-planning or poor time management — both of which are beautiful opportunities for improvement. On the other hand, if you consistently hit the hay early, but wake up feeling as though you never slept, perhaps you need to assess your bed time or even address a possible health issue, like a sleep disorder. 

Because we want to see you out in these streets living your best life (even if it is at 7am), we are going to give you some helpful tips, tricks, and hacks to get you well on your way.

Morning Routine Hacks

1. Optimize your night routine for your morning routine. 

Remember how your parents ironed their clothes the night before? There was something to that. However, I don’t just mean laying out your duds for the next day. I mean organizing yourself in such a way that ensures a smooth morning. Think about meal prepping the bulk of your breakfast or eating your pre-made breakfast in the office.

Start your nightly wind down several hours before you hit the sheets. If your bed time is 10pm, think about your transition around 7pm. Exchange out your screen time (yes, that includes “that one last email”) for the book you’ve been meaning to read.

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Create an environment amendable to a productive slumber. I’m a huge fan transitional night lights. They have a really cool feature that dims over a set period of time and wakes you up equally gentle.

(Pro-Tip: Keep your bedroom temperature between 60-70 degrees when you sleep — it’s a little chilly for me personally but it might work for you.)

2. Figure Out Your Mood Boosters

I totally understand that you may be a morning person, and you may never be. I know I definitely fall into that camp. What you probably haven’t considered is leveraging the things that fuel you earlier in the day. Working with your natural rhythm is a perfect here.

I know this seems obvious, but hear me out before you rule me out.

If you’re an extrovert, go ahead and start your day off right and doing what extroverts love to do, gaining energy from others in your environment. If you’re an introvert, the same applies. Construct a morning routine that works for you and your personality type.

3. Make Small Changes

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t rise with the shine in a day either. Like anything in life, making wide-sweeping changes takes take time. Starting out aggressively will not be sustainable for the long term and you risk doing more harm than good. Understanding your natural limitations will also be beneficial in making sure you stay true to what and who you are.

Super Extra Pro-Tip

Schedule enough time in your morning where you can allocate 20-30 minutes of “you” time. Starting your day focusing on you is one of the best things you can gift yourself daily. We give so much ourselves to other people whether it’s the kiddos, friends, or work, we deprioritize our well-being in the process. Let this blog post be a reminder that you’re deserving of selfish time especially if it gets your day started right.

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