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The Best Productivity Apps for Busy Women

The Best Productivity Apps for Busy Women

best productivity apps

15 Amazing Productivity Apps for Busy Women

High-achieving women know the value of a great productivity tool. With so many productivity apps on the market, it’s sometimes hard to find the right one for you. Trust me, I know the struggle! I’ve tried dozens of productivity apps, looking for the perfect ones to support my busy lifestyle.

If you’re looking for amazing productivity apps for busy women, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of 15 apps that will help you get more done in less time.

Let’s jump in!

best productivity apps for busy women.

1. Todoist (iOS and Android)

Todoist is a great task and time management app, perfect for keeping track of all the moving parts in your life. This app is simple and intuitive, making it easy to get started. It allows you to create different lists for tasks, making it easy to organize your work, home, and side hustle tasks.

The best benefits come when you use this app on a regular basis. As you put tasks into lists, you’re able to pull from those tasks to plan your day.

The app can also send reminders, which you can set to custom times for each task. You can also use Todoist to track habits and goals, making it one of the best productivity apps for busy women.

Price: Todoist has a free version that includes many of its features. They also offer paid versions, with Pro at $3/month and Business (for teams) at $5/month.

2. Remember the Milk (iOS and Android)

Remember the Milk isn’t just for helping you remember items on your grocery list (although you can certainly use it for that)! This app is great for recording and organizing your to-do list on the go. Whether you’re on the subway or jotting something down between meetings, you can dump all your to-dos with your precious spare minutes.

This app has some fantastic features, making it particularly helpful for busy women. For example, you can share your lists and assign items to other people making it one of the best productivity apps for busy women.

By outsourcing, you’re able to get more done in less time. Since the app syncs across your devices, you can manage your lists from anywhere.

Price: Remember the Milk has a paid version, which includes many of its great features. App users can unlock more features when they upgrade to a Pro account for $39.99/year.

3. WinStreak Strategic Coach (iOS and Android)

WinStreak is great for keeping you motivated to work toward your goals. Every day, you create a list of three “wins” that have helped you move closer to your long-term goals. When you finish these tasks, they’re recorded as “wins,” allowing you to see your recent accomplishments.

productivity apps

Some people need to feel like they’re actually getting something done before they’re motivated to do more. If you tend to feel motivated this way, WinStreak is perfect for you! You can look at previous “wins” and plan days ahead to make sure you’re on track to meet your big goals.

Price: WinStreak is free for iOS and Android users! However, this means that it rarely gets updated and has very limited features. As a free app, it never hurts to download and find out if the WinStreak method works for you.

4. Evernote (iOS and Android)

I am an absolute Evernote loyalist. It’s one of the best apps for busy women because it is simple and versatile. Because I teach on a regular basis, I am constantly preparing and editing notes. I used to do this on Word, until I forgot to send myself the notes to print before a lesson.

Although I was able to wing it that day, I resolved to never again show up without my notes. From that day on, I started using Evernote to store anything I’d need outside of my home office. I use it to build plan lessons, manage to-do lists, and keep track of important information.

Evernote has plenty of great built-in features, allowing you to take notes in several different formats. You can also scan and comment on things like receipts, business cards, and other printed documents. Once you create a note, you can stick it in a folder to further organize your personal information.

Price: Evernote has both a free and a paid version. Their free version allows you to sync your notes across two devices, which has worked well for me. I keep it on both my phone and my iPad, since I’m unlikely to be somewhere without access to at least one of those. You can upgrade to their Personal account for $7.99/month and their Professional account for $9.99/month to unlock more features and sync across more devices.

5. Toggl Track (iOS and Android)

Toggl is another great productivity app that I personally use. If you’re constantly busy but don’t know where your time is going, Toggl is a great way to take a closer look at how you’re spending your time. This simple timer allows you to set up categories and keep track of how much time you dedicate to different tasks.

I personally love the reports you can generate with Toggl. You can set a certain timeframe and see how much time you’ve spent on different projects during that time frame. This allows you to adjust your schedule and free up more time to get the important things done.

This definitely makes the list as one best productivity apps for busy women.

Price: This app’s free version allows you to track your time and generate reports. If you want to use it for freelance billing or team management, you’ll have to download Toggl’s paid versions. Their Starter subscription is $10/month and their Premium subscription is $20/month.

6. Pomodoro Timer Pro (Android) or Tomato Timer (iOS)

The Pomodoro Method can help you make the most of your time at work. With this method, you spend 25 minutes working, followed by a 5-minute break. After four successful 25-minute sessions, you earn a 15-to-30-minute break.

best productivity appsPomodoro Timer Pro (Android) and Tomato Timer (iOS) are simple apps that allow you to keep track of your time when using the Pomodoro method. They’re simple apps that can give your productivity the boost it needs.

Price: These apps don’t have many features, but they offer those features for free. That way, you don’t have to spend money just to find out of this method works for you.

7. Loop Habit Tracker (Android)

Although there’s an iOS app by the same name, Loop Habit Tracker by Alinson S. Xavier is an Android-only productivity app. This app is great for helping you develop healthier habits. Instead of fixating on bad habits you’d like to kick, it focuses on helping you build good habits.

To get started, you create a list of habits you’d like to develop. For example, you might create a habit of responding to work emails or tackling administrative tasks.

Once you create these habits, you can drop them into your daily or weekly schedule. When completed, you’ll get a habit score that tells you how well you’re doing at creating this habit.

Price: Loop Habit Tracker is completely free. For tech-savvy women, it’s also available as an open-source repository on Github. Check this out as one of the best productivity apps for busy women.

8. Forest (iOS and Android)

If you’re looking for a productivity timer that helps you stay off your phone, Forest is the perfect fit for you! Forest is great for people who need to focus on a single task without distractions. Whenever you’re ready to focus on work, open the app and plant a tree. Your tree will keep growing as long as you work without touching your phone.

Although it’s a simple app, it can be really effective if, like me, you find yourself constantly distracted by notifications on your phone. The Forest app partners with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit that helps plant real trees in forests around the world. Your in-app purchases contribute to real-life change (and not just in your work).

Price: Forest used to charge $1.99, but now charges $3.99 in the Apple Store. However, this one-time purchase allows you to enjoy this adorable app while supporting a positive global cause. In-app purchases allow you to unlock special trees, which you can plant in your virtual garden.

9. Doodle (iOS and Android)

Doodle is a simple app that makes it easier to schedule meetings between busy people. If you’re trying to set up a meeting between several people from different workplaces, this is a powerful tool to shortcut the endless work of figuring out when to meet in the first place.

My friends from grad school recently used this app to figure out a great time for a Zoom call to catch up. After over a week ofbest productivity app messaging and trying to figure out a good time (while factoring in three different time zones), my friend, Janae, finally sent a Doodle poll and we had a time set within minutes.

Price: Doodle allows you to plan meeting times with their free version, although their premium versions unlock more features. Their Pro Version is around $6/month and their Team Version is about $30/month.

10. Google Docs (iOS and Android)

Google Docs are a must-have productivity tool if you need to regularly collaborate on projects. They allow you to send and receive feedback in real time. Instead of losing track of edits with endless versions of a Word Document, these documents allow you to keep the conversation going without sacrificing your sanity.

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If you’re looking for one of the best productivity apps for busy women, definitely add this to your list.

Price: Google Docs are free to use, although you’ll need a Gmail account to get started. If you need to unlock more storage space, paid plans are available.

11. Pocket (iOS and Android)

I’ve heard lots of great things about Pocket, an app that allows you to save articles and videos for you to view later. This is on our list of great apps for busy women because it allows you to set aside distractions to address later.

One reviewer said that at one point she had over a thousand articles saved through Pocket. During her free time, she was able to save them to read for later. While working on this article, I decided to take the plunge and download Pocket myself. Whenever I’m researching, I often find myself on rabbit trails that could be tabled for exploration later. This is what Pocket seems to do best.

Price: Pocket has a free version that allows you to save and read articles. Pocket Premium is either $5/month or $44.99/year and allows you to search, highlight, and explore articles without their sponsored content.

Trello (iOS and Android)

If you’re a visual person, Trello is the app for you! This app allows you to create boards to share and manage information for large projects. Whether you’re working on a book or trying to visualize the hundreds of tasks on your plate, Trello can be a powerful productivity tool.

productivity appsOne of the best things about Trello is that its free version allows you to share your boards with other users. They also offer lots of integrations through “power-ups,” allowing you to integrate Slack and Google Drive into your boards.

Price: Trello has one of the most powerful free programs for organizing information on teams. While most productivity apps require you to pay for any teamwork functions, Trello offers its basic team features for free. You can unlock other features by upgrading to one of their three levels: Standard ($5/month), Premium ($10/month), and Enterprise ($17.50/month)

13. MindMeister (iOS and Android

MindMeister is one of our favorite apps for busy women because it has great tools to help you visualize data, plan projects, and brainstorm ideas. While it can be used for team planning, it’s also great for helping you mind map personal projects.

If you’re a creative person, you’ll love the features MindMeister provides, such as pre-set map ideas, custom colors, and images. For users working on large projects, their features are great for helping you get everything organized.

Price: You can enjoy up to three basic maps for free, although personal plans ($4.99/month) and pro plans ($8.25/month) allow you to unlock all their great mind mapping features. 

14. Brain.fm (iOS and Android

Some people struggle to focus when it’s too quiet. Last night my husband came home to tell me that his intern played bird sounds through his speakers all day because it was too quiet. While you should always use headphones when playing sounds in shared spaces, my husband’s intern is proof that some people are more distracted by silence than by bird sounds.

This app plays soft music that’s designed to help you get things done. Whether you’re playing sounds for focus during work or for relaxation during your downtime, their music can help maximize your productivity. They use scientific research to create music based on your intended results.

Price: Brain.fm is free to download and sample, although you’ll need to upgrade to a premium version to enjoy all their music. Pro plans start at $6.99/month.

15. Last Pass (iOS and Android)

The final tool on our list of best productivity apps for busy women is Last Pass, an app that lets you to create, store, and manage your passwords. Confession: there are some accounts I log into so infrequently that I have to change my password every single time.

Although I’m not the only one, but the frustration isn’t any less knowing that others deal with the same thing.

Last Pass helps you keep your accounts secure while making it easier than ever to log into them. You can log into Last Pass with a password or fingerprint, allowing you to have access to all your accounts with the press of a finger.

Price: Last Pass is free to download, although you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan if you want to sync across mobile devices, tablets, and your computer browser. Their personal plan starts at $3/month and their business plans start at $4/month.

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