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Introducing The Art of HER: The Elevated Lifestyle Experience

Introducing The Art of HER: The Elevated Lifestyle Experience

the art of her

Ladies, prepare for a revolution in the world of millennial women. Get ready to transform your life and elevate your style game to new heights. Introducing the Art of HER™ – the ultimate lifestyle brand and content destination designed specifically for you, the millennial woman in pursuit of living her best life.

Dive into content that speaks to your passions, your dreams, and your unapologetically fabulous self. Whether you’re seeking the latest fashion trends, planning a DIY home makeover or searching for the perfect brunch spot, the Art of Her has got you covered. Our carefully curated selection of articles, guides, and inspirational posts will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take on the world.

Our aim in launching the Art of HER™ is to focus on and cater to the other side of working millennial women. The side that needs to be nurtured, empowered, encourage, and inspired — all with a touch of elevated and luxury experiences.

So go ahead, pour yourself a glass of rosé, curl up in your comfiest pajamas, and get ready to lose yourself in the wonder that is the Art of HER™. Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary, because you, my dear, deserve nothing less. Let’s embark on this journey together, and unleash the fierce millennial woman that’s been waiting to conquer the world.

Cheers to you!

Meet the Art of HER by Modern Monclaire

Founder’s (Quick) Story

The Art of Her was brought to life by a woman not so different from you. I saw the gaps in the market and knew that millennial women needed a brand that spoke to them like a relatable friend, not a faceless corporation. And so, with a touch of sass and a whole lot of passion, I created the Art of HER™ under the Modern Monclaire brand.

Brand Vision

The Art of HER‘s vision is all about empowering you and your fellow millennial women to live your best lives. This means diving into topics that matter to you (other than career and workplace) like wellness, finances, decor, food, travel, and personal style.

The Art of HER™ is here to make sure you’re always feeling fabulous and looking your best.

A Brand Within a Brand

What really sets the Art of Her apart from all those other lifestyle brands cluttering your feeds is their unique “brand within a brand” approach.

Instead, we give you a tailored experience, focusing on niches like career-driven women, wellness junkies, and fashion aficionados. So, whether you want to recoup from smashing glass ceilings, find the perfect pair of yoga pants, or get the best curated products on the market, the Art of HER™ is your go-to source.

Empowering You to be Your Best Impressive

Why We Created The Art of HER™

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more platforms dedicated to celebrating, empowering, and nurturing millennial women like yourself? So did we, and that’s why I created The Art of Her™ – the ultimate lifestyle brand and content hub for you. I believe in lifting each other up, and as the saying goes, “when women support women, incredible things happen!” source

What You Can Expect

We’re committed to being your go-to source for everything empowering and restorative. So, here’s what you can expect from us:

Content – Our articles will touch on topics from beauty, decor, wellness, food, finances,  and everything in between to help you be your best impressive. We’ll even sprinkle in some life advice from powerful female philanthropists just for fun!

Community – As a member of The Art of HER™, you’ll join a network of like-minded superwomen who lift each other up in challenging times, celebrate achievements, and provide encouragement every step of the way.

Support – Whenever you need a pick-me-up or a pat on the back, we’re here to cheer you on. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and interact with other fantastic females in the The Art of HER™ community.

And do you want to know the best part? We’re all in this together – this is YOUR space to celebrate YOUR unique journey, and we’re just here to add some extra pizzazz.

Embracing the Millennial Lifestyle

Beauty and Fashion Tips

Get ready to become the ultimate Millennial diva. Discover the latest beauty and fashion trends, and learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Stay authentic but experiment with your style – after all, you’re young, fabulous and so worth it.

Money Matters

As a millennial woman, it’s time to take charge of your finances. Invest in your future, conquer debt, and stay financially fit — we will have you covered.

Food and Health

When it comes to your body, health, and nutrition, you deserve the best – no excuses. Explore fresh and fueling food ideas, and develop a fitness routine that feels like fun, not a chore. Don’t forget to combine active workouts with restorative pauses, and savor your very own edible utopia.

Luxury & Self-Care

Oh, darling, it’s you time. You work hard, you play hard, and you deserve a luxurious lifestyle. Pamper yourself with luxurious self-care rituals, and turn your home into your very own spa resort. Design a bubble bath playlist, indulge in DIY facials, and sip on something special.

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Because, sweetheart, you’re worth every ounce of indulgence.


Millennials sure do love to talk about relationships and connections. Get ready to dive into the modern dating pool, explore the depths of long-term commitment, juggle friendships, or savor the joys of motherhood. Embrace your emotional side because vulnerability is your strength – cheers to your beautiful heart.

Decor & Elevated Living

Last but not least, your living space should be a reflection of your fabulous self. Unleash your inner decorator and get inspired by the chicest of the chic. Combine millennial style with functionality and sustainability, and create an oasis where you can flourish like the modern-day queen you are.

Prepare to be swept away – an exhilarating adventure in millennial living, just for you.

Share With Us

I want you to be a part of the community. We’re all about fun, authenticity, and your unique lifestyle. So, why not share a little bit of your world with us?

We’d love to hear your stories and inspiring experiences. Have you recently discovered a mind-blowing brunch spot? Or maybe you’ve got some sage advice on navigating the world of work (and play) as a millennial woman? Well, we can’t wait to read all about it! Send us your articles or blog contributions to our email address ([email protected]), and we might even feature your piece on our website.

Don’t forget, we’re all about connection and conversation. So, feel free to reach out to us on social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and be part of the ever-growing Art of Her community.

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see your fabulous photos, read your captivating stories, and join you on this amazing journey called life. With your shared experiences, we’ll continue to grow this incredible community of strong, empowered, and incredible millennial women living their best lifestyles. You, yes you, are an essential part of the Art of HER™ story.

Let’s make it legendary together.

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